Winter in Dayton

With all the snow we’ve been getting lately, we wanted to share some of our favorite pictures from this winter, and winters past!

Also, if you have any great winter pics to share, please send them to us at and if we may just share your pictures too! Please make sure to provide your full name for photo credit!

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Miami Conservancy District

Note: Due to the current events across the country, there are a lot of questions about the potential for flooding in the Dayton Area. Our next few posts will address those concerns, and share a little bit of the history regarding floods in the Dayton region.

The Miami Conservancy District was organized in 1915, in response to the Great Dayton Flood. The MCD built levees, straightened the river channel, and built 5 dams to control flooding in the Miami Valley. The Miami Conservancy District was the first major watershed district in the nation. The district and its projects are unusual in that they were funded almost entirely by local tax initiatives.

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Announcing the Dayton Unknown RiverWalk!


Worldwide Instameet Day is May 17th, 2014! Dayton Unknown is hosting a RiverWalk along the Great Miami River. We are currently making arrangements, so check back for more details!

To sign up for the event, please visit the InstaMeets page! Signing up isn’t required, but we want to get a rough guesstimate for planning purposes!