The Day They Hung John McAfee

In 1825, a man by the name of John McAfee was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to death by hanging. Although he never made a formal confession, he was said to have written one out in rhyme:

Draw near young man and hear from me
my sad and mournful history.
And may you ne’er forgetful be
of all this day I fell to thee.

Before I reached my fifth year,
my father and my mother dear
were both laid in their silent grave
by Him who their being gave.

No more a mother’s love I shared,
no more a mother’s voice I heard,
no more was I a father’s joy –
I was a helpless orphan boy.

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Dayton Firsts Part 4

It’s that time again! Let’s find out more about the early years of Dayton!

First Library — The first library association (also the first in the state of Ohio) was formed on February 1, 1805, through an act of the legislature. Rev. William Robinson served as the first president of the organization.

First Graveyard — Next to the Presbyterian church at the corner of Third Street and Main Street. In 1805, Daniel Cooper gave four acres of land between Ludlow Street and Wilkinson Street to form a cemetery shared by the Presbyterians and Methodists.

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Esther Price – Dayton’s Sweetheart

Christmas in Dayton isn’t complete until a box of Esther Price candy has passed through your hands.

Although the business got its start in 1926, Esther Price’s roots as a candy maker go back to a 7th grade Home Economics class. After partnering with her classmate to make fudge the first time, Esther kept her share to give to her mother, but decided instead to eat that share and make more when she got home. A love affair with candy was born.

Esther started making candy for income while she worked at Rike’s, selling candy to her coworkers to supplement her income. After leaving the job to stay at home with a growing family, Esther started making candy to help make ends meet while her husband Ralph worked at the National Biscuit Company.

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Announcing the Dayton Unknown RiverWalk!


Worldwide Instameet Day is May 17th, 2014! Dayton Unknown is hosting a RiverWalk along the Great Miami River. We are currently making arrangements, so check back for more details!

To sign up for the event, please visit the InstaMeets page! Signing up isn’t required, but we want to get a rough guesstimate for planning purposes!

On this day in 1796…

In March of 1796, the Thompson party started its journey from Cincinnati to Dayton. Split into two groups, one by land and one by water, they traveled 60 miles, pulling the boat through shallow channels with a rope tied to a tree, sometimes for miles. On land, they lead the Thompson cow that paid for itself in milk.

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