Dayton Firsts Part 4

It’s that time again! Let’s find out more about the early years of Dayton!

First Library — The first library association (also the first in the state of Ohio) was formed on February 1, 1805, through an act of the legislature. Rev. William Robinson served as the first president of the organization.

First Graveyard — Next to the Presbyterian church at the corner of Third Street and Main Street. In 1805, Daniel Cooper gave four acres of land between Ludlow Street and Wilkinson Street to form a cemetery shared by the Presbyterians and Methodists.

First Brick House — The first brick house in Dayton was known as McCullum’s Tavern. Built in 1805, it was located at the southwest corner of Second Street and Main Street. Later, the building was used as a store until it was razed in 1880.

First Courthouse — The first courthouse was two stories high, and located at the northwest corner of Third and Main in 1806. In 1815 a cupola was added, and in the same year a bell was purchased.

First Boys’ School — Incorporated in 1807 by James Welch, Daniel Cooper, William McClure, David Reid, John Folkerth, George Tenney, Benjamin VanCleve and James Hanna. The first teacher was William M. Smith.

First Circus — On July 19, 1825, the big tent was pitched in Reid’s Inn Barnyard.

First Patrol Wagon and House — The first patrol wagon was bought in 1883, and driven by John Hauser. The first patrol house was located near Fifth Street and Brown Street.

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