Who’s Behind Dayton Unknown?


Most posts are written by blog founder, Sara Kaushal. After living here her entire life, Sara realized that many people in the area don’t know much about Dayton, and what exactly makes it so special. This inspired her to write Dayton Unknown. Sara also enjoys sharing her photography on Instagram. Sara has recently taken an interest in her family history and genealogy and has discovered that she is a direct descendant of William Newcom, the brother of Dayton’s own George Newcom. Sara’s book Murder & Mayhem in Dayton and the Miami Valley was published in June of 2021 (see where to buy). In addition to writing and photography, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband Ravi, and son Yuvi, hiking, learning new languages, and reading. She loves elephants, India, and exploring Dayton’s Unknown.

“The driving force behind my research and writing for Dayton Unknown is knowing the history. I can walk through the different neighborhoods and picture the events that took place on that very spot over 100 years ago.” – Sara Kaushal, Dayton project aims to show obscure sides of city, Dayton Daily News, September 27, 2016.

Photography, site design, social media management, and the occasional post are provided by Bethany Kmeid, who has lived in the Dayton area since 1993. Bethany also has a passion for the history of the Dayton area, and loves taking pictures of the old and new around Dayton. Bethany loves anything Eiffel Tower and France, arts and crafts, spending time with her boyfriend Chris, photography, reading, playing with her pup Basil, and exploring Dayton’s Unknown.

“I love being able to stand in spots in Dayton and think to myself, ‘This is what people looked at 100 years ago.’ I capture the images in my photography, and I then share on the Dayton Unknown Instagram account,” – Bethany Kmeid, Dayton project aims to show obscure sides of city, Dayton Daily News, September 27, 2016.


We are Dayton Unknown!