Holiday Hiatus

A few weeks ago, we asked for your favorite local Christmas light locations, and thought we’d share the list we compiled for everyone to enjoy this holiday season.

  • Courthouse Square
  • Lincoln Park in Kettering
  • Carillon Tree of Light
  • 582 Whipp Road (across from Fairhaven Church)

As Dayton Unknown does every year for the holidays, we are going to take a break for the rest of the year to enjoy time with our families.

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We are always accessible through the Contact Us page, Dayton Unknown on Facebook, and by email – Don’t forget to check out our Instagram as well, at @daytonunknown!!

We’ll see you next year!

Dr. Helen Octavia Dickens Henderson

Even as a child, Helen Octavia Dickens knew she wanted to be a doctor even though she had many odds stacked against her as a black woman born in 1909. Helen’s father was born into slavery then raised by a Union Colonel from the age of nine. After obtaining his freedom, he named himself Charles Warren Dickens, after the famous author he once met. Helen Octavia Dickens was born in Dayton on February 21st, 1909.

Helen’s father Charles had dreams of becoming a lawyer, but when racial prejudice reared its ugly head, preventing his dream, he took a job as a janitor to support his family. He never lost hope in the future for his children and sent them to one of the few integrated schools in the area to get them the best education possible. Daisy Dickens, Helen’s mother, worked as a domestic servant until she married Charles. Despite Charles insisting his wife stay at home, he encouraged Helen to become a nurse. But Helen had different plans. If she could be a nurse, Helen reasoned, she could also be a doctor. “It was what I wanted to do and I didn’t see why I couldn’t do it.” she’d say.
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Clued Upp Dayton: The Dayton Ripper

Have you ever wanted to play detective? Now’s your chance! Clued Upp: The Dayton Ripper is coming to Dayton!

According to their website, “CluedUpp Detective Days are like giant, outdoor escape games. It’s where clue-solving meets adventure. It’s the most exciting murder-mystery you’ll ever attend.” One $51 ticket covers a team of 6 players in a self-guided murder mystery!

When: Saturday, May 22nd, 2021
Where: Dayton
What you’ll need: 2-6 players, one smartphone, a team name, and optional costume

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • fastest team
  • best detective-inspired fancy dress
  • best team picture
  • best team name
  • best under-16 young detective
  • best K-9

Dan the Hermit

During the course of our research here at Dayton Unknown, we come across many authors over and over again, leading us to search their writings for more information and idea for future posts. One such author is a <em>Dayton Daily News</em> reporter from the 1930s, Howard Burba. Burba was always able to weave an interesting story, including this one about Daniel the Hermit.

The following is an excerpt of an article written by Howard Burba, which appeared in the Dayton Daily News on March 4, 1934.

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Honor Flight Dayton

Honor Flight Dayton transports WWII, Korea Era, and Vietnam Era veterans to see their national memorials in Washington, DC. Priority is given to WWII vets and terminally ill vets from any war. Trips are offered via air or RVC (Recreational Vehicle Convoy) transportation at no cost to the veteran. This includes airfare, lodging, bus transportation while in DC, meals, t-shirts, and disposable cameras.

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Happy Veterans Day

For this Veterans Day, we’d like to honor some Dayton area Veterans; some are our own family members and some were provided in response to our request on our Facebook.

Thank you all for your service.

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We’d also love to honor the late Dayton Police Department Detective Jorge Delrio who lost his life in the Line of Duty this week. Thank you so much, Detective Delrio, for your years of service to our community and the generous donation of your organs. Read more about Detective Delrio here.

Source: Dayton Police Department


Words cannot truly express the sadness and anger we are all feeling after the events of August 4th, 2019. Here at Dayton Unknown we would like to do our part in paying tribute to the nine victims who lost their lives.

  • Saheed Saleh, age 38

    Saheed Saleh
    A refugee from Eritrea, Saheed was a kindhearted and hard-working family man, working as a forklift operator at DHL, often 7 days a week. Although he didn’t go out much, he decided to go out for a few beers with a friend that night. Saheed is survived by his wife and their five year old daughter.

  • Megan Betts, age 22

    Megan Betts
    Megan was studying environmental science at Wright State and sang in the university chorus. She planned to graduate in 2020. Friends of Megan described her as strange, but in a good way.

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