We were on Gem City Tonight!

Our appearance on Gem City Tonight is now live! Thanks so much to Andrew Mitakides and Gem City Tonight for having us!

The line up for the episode was:

Dayton Unknown
And Lucky, Mr. Gay Ohio 2018

And always, the musical stylings of Aimee James and the Gems!

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Dayton Firsts Part 8

  • First Girls’ School – Opened in March, 1815, by Mrs. Diomecia Sullivan on the west side of Main Street, south of Third Street.
  • First Show – A display of “wax works and figures,” on February 13, 1815.
  • First Fire Engine – Came from Philadelphia and through Cincinnati, and arrived in Dayton in the spring of 1826.
  • First Milliner – The first millinery store was opened by Ann Yamans in June 1815. She advertised her supply of goose feathers, and announced that military gentlemen could find her shop on Main Street, south of Second Street, with a full stock of plumes and decorations.
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Dayton Firsts Part 6

  • First Infirmary – the building was erected west of town, on land bought from Dr. James B. Oliver, in April 1826.
  • First Foundry – Opened by McElwee and Clegg and the first “heat” was made on December 2, 1828.
  • First Park – The land on Third Street between St. Clair and Patterson – now occupied by the public library – was deeded to the city in 1836 by David Ziegler Cooper, the son of D. C. Cooper, with the provision that it was “to be kept forever as a walk for the citizens of Dayton and its visitors.” It was first known as the “public square.”
  • First Episcopal Church – St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the first Episcopal church in Dayton, was organized on May 15, 1817 by Bishop Chase, with 23 members.
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Dayton Firsts Part 3

On the first Friday off every month, we share some firsts for Dayton!

First Prosecutor – Daniel Symmes, of Cincinnati

First Coroner – James Milles

First Jail – It stood on the site of the present county jail on West Third Street, and was erected in 1804. It was of log construction, 30×16 feet, with log flooring and ceiling. It contained two disconnected cells and was erected by David Squirer at his bid of $299.

First Post Office – The first post office was opened in 1804 in a cabin at First and St. Clair Streets with Benjamin VanCleve as the first postmaster.

First Metropolitan Police force – Organized in 1873 with a chief, two lieutenants, 26 patrolmen, three roundsmen and three turnkeys.

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