Dayton Firsts Part 2

Ready for some more Dayton Firsts?

First Cabinet Maker – Matthew Patton

First Tailor – Thomas McNutt.

First Store – Opened by George McDougal of Detroit on the second floor of Newcom’s Tavern around the year 1800.

First Plow – The first iron mold-board plow was brought into Dayton by Robert Edgar and used on his farm. Previous to that, the pioneers used plows made of the forks of hard wood saplings.

First Church – Erected by the Presbyterians of the settlement on one of two lots donated to the congregation, located at the northeast corner of Third Street and Main Street in 1800.  Built of logs, it was 18 feet wide and 20 feet long.

First Court – Established by an act of the legislature July 27, 1803, when Montgomery County was created from a part of Hamilton County.

First Distillery – Built by Daniel Cooper on his farm two miles south of Dayton on Rubicon creek in the fall of 1799.  

First Sheriff – George Newcom

First Street Car1869. Built by the Dayton Street Railway Company, extending from the land of W. P. Huffman on E. Third Street to the land of H. S. Williams on W. Third Street.

First Paved Street – 1888 – The square on Fifth Street between Main and Jefferson.

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