Dayton Firsts Part 3

On the first Friday off every month, we share some firsts for Dayton!

First Prosecutor – Daniel Symmes, of Cincinnati

First Coroner – James Milles

First Jail – It stood on the site of the present county jail on West Third Street, and was erected in 1804. It was of log construction, 30×16 feet, with log flooring and ceiling. It contained two disconnected cells and was erected by David Squirer at his bid of $299.

First Post Office – The first post office was opened in 1804 in a cabin at First and St. Clair Streets with Benjamin VanCleve as the first postmaster.

First Metropolitan Police force – Organized in 1873 with a chief, two lieutenants, 26 patrolmen, three roundsmen and three turnkeys.

First Flood – Dayton’s first flood of record occurred in the spring of 1805. Water stood at a depth of eight feet from the river to the foot of the fairground hill.

First Waterworks – The first waterworks trustees were named on January 7, 1870.The first pump was installed the same year.

First Knights of Pythias Lodge – The first Knights of Pythias lodge was known as Miami Lodge No. 32, instituted on Feb. 15, 1872.

First Public School – The first public, or “free” school was opened December 5, 1831, on Jefferson Street below Monument Avenue, with Sylvanius Hall as instructor. There were not sufficient donations to pay expenses, so each pupil was assessed a dollar a year.

First Saddlery Shop – Opened in 1817 by D. Stout.

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