Dayton Inventions – Part 2

It’s that time again! Dayton is known for the airplane and the cash register, but there are so many more inventions that came from our great city:

  • Electric Cash Register – John H. Patterson, 1906.
  • Custer Invalid Chair – Levitt Luzern Custer, battery-powered in 1919, gasoline-powered in 1939.
  • Night Photography – Brigadier General George Goddard, 1926.
  • Freon Refrigerant – Thomas Midgley Jr., 1928.
  • Ice Cube Tray – Arthur Frei, 1959.

  • Portable Potty Chair – Iula O. Carter, 1960
  • Pop-top tab and Pull-top tab – Ermal C. Fraze, 1977 and 1967.
  • Aircraft ejection seat actuation system – Milton Alexander, John Garrett, and Ralph Riepenhoff, 1974.
  • Tactical shotgun grip – Daytec, LLC., 2007.

What do you think?

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