CareFlight’s history in Dayton has personal meaning to Dayton Unknown.

In 2003, after a serious car accident, I(Sara) was transported via CareFlight to Miami Valley Hospital. Although I don’t remember the flight or many of the details of that night, I was able to formally meet the pilot, Wade, and the CareFlight Nurse, Cathy at the 20th anniversary celebration of Careflight in September of 2003, just one month after our first encounter.


Sara with CareFlight Nurse, Cathy and Pilot Wyatt.

CareFlight is an integral part of Dayton. A small start to a big thing, CareFlight started in 1983 with a crew of one pilot and two nurses with special training. 31 years later, CareFlight now serves over 150 hospitals, and more than 300 other emergency responders in over 17 counties, completing more than 51,000 life-saving flights.

CareFlight is always in motion. There are no breaks or holidays for the mobile unit, it is always available to assist by shaving off precious minutes of transportation time in a crisis situation. By use of the bright red “Batphone” in most emergency rooms, CareFlight’s Communication Center alerts hospitals of incoming patients, also monitoring weather and flight conditions for the pilot, to allow them to focus on getting the patient safely to the hospital.

Interesting Facts about CareFlight:

    • The first baby delivered in the CareFlight helicopter was a little boy, in 1986.
      • CareFlight’s crew now includes over 100 people — mechanics, communications specialists, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and pilots.
        • There are now 3 CareFlight helicopters.
        • CareFlight participates in a program called DriveSmart, which replicates a car accident caused by drunk driving. Participants are either drug/alcohol tested, or “treated” for common injuries sustained in a car accident.

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