Oddball Street Names

A few odd street names in the Greater Dayton Area – some with an explanation, some just explain themselves!

  • Chicken Bristle Road, Farmersville: bristle is short, stiff hair. Chickens have bristle feathers.
  • Rip Rap Road, Huber Heights: Rip Rap is stone used to protect shore lines from erosion.
  • Grinn Drive and Barrett Road, West Chester: make up the intersection “Grinn and Barrett.”
  • Sweet Potato Ridge Road, Brookville
  • Dotcom Drive Troy: Named after the internet term.

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Local Street Names Part 6

Curious about the early roads of Dayton, and their namesakes?

  • The following streets were named after the towns they went to: Troy, Bellefontaine, Wilmington, Belpre, Germantown, Xenia, and Salem (later changed to Clayton).
  • King – William King, an early settler of Dayton.
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