Local Street Names Part 6

Curious about the early roads of Dayton, and their namesakes?

  • The following streets were named after the towns they went to: Troy, Bellefontaine, Wilmington, Belpre, Germantown, Xenia, and Salem (later changed to Clayton).
  • King – William King, an early settler of Dayton.
  • Macready – Nabbed for a man who flew at McCook Field
  • Delphos – Ran alongside the Toledo DELPHOS & Burlington railroad. 
  • Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln – all named for the US presidents.
  • Meigs – In honor of Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr., who was the 4th Governor of Ohio.
  • Antietam Avenue – Named for the Civil War Battle of Antietam
  • Cooper Street – Daniel Cooper, First surveyor of the Dayton land, amongst other things.
  • McCall – Named for the McCall Company
  • Aerial, Aero, Air, Air City, Airway – all named for the aviation theme of the region.

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