August 4, 2019 – We are still Dayton Strong

Three years ago today, Dayton faced something we never had before. After the tragedy in the Oregon District on August 4th, 2019, our city rallied together in a beautiful way to stay strong and to connect and grieve with each other.

Dayton Unknown is so grateful to be a part of this wonderful city and community. Last year we created this memorial video for the nine people who lost their life that day. iHeartRadio put together a beautiful tribute to the nine victims using for King & Country’s song, “God Only Knows” and if you haven’t heard it, a clip is used as the background music for our video.

First Friday Book Sale & Signing!

Sara had her second Author Talk, and it was another success! We loved meeting everyone at the Winters-Bellbrook Community Library (Greene County Public Library) last night. The crowd was small, but it was a great discussion!

Don’t forget to come out to Heart Mercantile tonight during First Friday to see us!

Friday, September 3rd, 5pm – 8pm
Heart Mercantile
438 East 5th Street
Dayton, OH 45402

8.4.2019 – One Year Later

One year ago, tragedy struck Dayton in a way that will remain in our memories forever. Over the past year, we have watched the city heal and rally together in the midst of a lot of trials.Today we would like to honor the victims of the shooting that took place in the Oregon District on August 4th, 2019.

  • Megan Betts, age 22
  • Nicholas Cumer, age 25
  • Thomas “Teejay” McNichols, age 25
  • Lois “Lola” Oglesby, age 27
  • Logan Turner, age 30
  • Beatrice “Nicole” Warren-Curtis, age 36
  • Saheed Saleh, age 38
  • Monica Brickhouse, age 39
  • Derrick Fudge, age 57

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Raise Your Brush – Dayton Skyline

This past Tuesday, we attended the Dayton Skyline fundraiser at Raise Your Brush in Centerville, which was a fundraiser for the Oregon District Tragedy Fund!

Sara’s painting is a view from the north, looking south at downtown, with the river in the foreground, while Bethany’s is a view from the south, looking north at downtown – approximately from the Woodland Cemetery perspective, with trees in the foreground.

We had such a great time, and love our paintings. Raise Your Brush was able to raise over $1,000 to donate to such a great cause.

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Local Street Names – Part 2

Ever wondered who local streets are named after? Here’s a few!

  • Jefferson street – President Thomas Jefferson
  • Perry Street – Commodore Oliver H. Perry, who was considered the “Hero of the Battle of Lake Erie.”
  • Monument Avenue – Renamed from Water Street after the Private Fair statue was erected at the corner of Water and Main Streets in 1884.
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Picking Up Cans and Chasing Women: Charlie’s Story

Although we generally reserve the category of Prominent Local Figures to historic figures, one can’t argue the prominence of Charlie/Billy in the Oregon District.


We’ve known him for 7 years, but many who have spent countless nights meandering through 5th Street have known him longer. Known as Charlie to some, and Billy to others, many have taken time out of their drinking nights to stop and talk to him. How many stories has he told over the years?

We sat down and asked him to tell us another story: his life.

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