Local Street Names – Part 2

Ever wondered who local streets are named after? Here’s a few!

  • Jefferson street – President Thomas Jefferson
  • Perry Street – Commodore Oliver H. Perry, who was considered the “Hero of the Battle of Lake Erie.”
  • Monument Avenue – Renamed from Water Street after the Private Fair statue was erected at the corner of Water and Main Streets in 1884.
  • Patterson Road, Boulevard – Named for John H. Patterson or Colonel Robert Patterson, both who hold historical significance to Dayton.

  • McCook Avenue and McCook Field: named for Alexander McDowell McCook and the Fighting McCooks who all fought in the Civil War.
  • Gettysburg Avenue: named after a cyclorama that recreated the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Watervliet – Named after Watervliet Village, which was established by the Shakers who blessed Dayton.
  • Richard Street: in honor of Richard Saunders/Poor Richard, the pseudonym of Benjamin Franklin.

Streets in the Oregon district:

  1. Cass Street: Lewis Cass, minister to France and a one-time presidential candidate.
  2. Jones Street: Paul Jones – this one isn’t quite clear, but it’s probably either the federal judge, or the Bishop at Antioch College
  3. Jackson Street: Andrew Jackson, the US President.
  4. Brown Street: Thomas Brown, a brick maker/contractor in the Dayton area.

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