8.4.2019 – One Year Later

One year ago, tragedy struck Dayton in a way that will remain in our memories forever. Over the past year, we have watched the city heal and rally together in the midst of a lot of trials.Today we would like to honor the victims of the shooting that took place in the Oregon District on August 4th, 2019.

  • Megan Betts, age 22
  • Nicholas Cumer, age 25
  • Thomas “Teejay” McNichols, age 25
  • Lois “Lola” Oglesby, age 27
  • Logan Turner, age 30
  • Beatrice “Nicole” Warren-Curtis, age 36
  • Saheed Saleh, age 38
  • Monica Brickhouse, age 39
  • Derrick Fudge, age 57

We previously shared more information about the victims, and also shared a fundraiser we had attended.

This year, the City of Dayton is hosting several virtual events, which they have dubbed “Dayton Shines. These events are:

  • Nine Minutes of Silence: A 9-minute moment of silence will be observed on Tuesday, August 4 at 8:04 PM.
  • Memorial Photo Mosaic: A public photo mosaic of contributed pictures will be created as a memorial image. Per the website, to submit a photo:
    1. Take a photo of yourself, your family/friends, or something that represents how #DaytonShines (photos in a square format are preferred, but not required)
    2. Text your photo to: 937-230-7547
    3. Reply “yes” to the automated text response to confirm your photo entry into the mosaic
  • Remembrance Candles: ADAMHS partnered with 1880 Candle Company to sell candles to be used during the Nine Minutes of Silence. Check the link for info to purchase the candles.
  • Dayton’s Darkest Summer: Per the website, “Dayton’s Darkest Summer: The Rise from Tragedy is a 17-minute documentary about the tornado outbreak and mass shooting that devastated lives across the Dayton region during the summer of 2019.” The documentary can be viewed on YouTube here.
  • Prayer Walk and Lord’s Supper: The walk will begin at the AFSCME Local 8 parking lot on August 2nd, at 2pm.
  • The Facing Project: The Facing Project and the Dayton International Peace Museum partnered to write a book that is a collection of stories about gun violence in the Dayton community.
  • Memorial Tree: The community is invited to place notes on the Memorial Tree, located on Fifth Street between the overhead crossing and Lily’s Bistro all day August 4th.

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