Andrew Walsh & Lost Dayton, Ohio

Writer, Dayton Historian, Librarian…Andrew Walsh can add one more title to his resume: published author. In his book, Lost Dayton, Ohio, Andrew covers many historical Dayton structures lost to time and urban renewal and revitalization efforts.


A transplant to Dayton in 2013 from Wisconsin, Andrew became interested in the historical architecture of Dayton as he viewed Dayton from his window at Dayton Towers. Although Andrew no longer lives there, his fascination continues.

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Fun Facts about Dayton – Part 3

Here’s some more fun facts about Dayton we’ve learned during our research:

  •  The Private Fair statue on Main Street just south of Monument Avenue in downtown was almost a statue of the Goddess of Liberty, but ex-Civil War soldiers protested, and requested the goddess instead be a statue of a soldier. Private George Washington Fair of Dayton was the model for the statue, which was erected in 1884 – the original location at the intersection of Main and Monument.
  • The statue of President McKinley in Cooper Park (behind the Dayton Library on Third Street and St. Clair) was built from funds raised and donated by local schoolchildren.
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