Local Street Names – Part 3

Time for more Dayton street name origins!

  • Ashley Street: Ashley Brown, son-in-law of Colonel Robert Patterson.
  • Schantz Road: Named for Adam Schantz, local brewer.
  • Spinning Road: Isaac Spinning, a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, and a judge in Dayton.
  • Shakertown Road: unsurprisingly, it was the name of the street which led past the village of the Shakers who blessed Dayton.
  • Burton Avenue: Named for Ohio Senator Theodore Burton, who was known for his work in preserving Niagara Falls.
  • Huffman Avenue: William P. Huffman, a Dayton banker and real estate developer.
  • Zeigler Street: Major David Zeigler, who was the first mayor of Cincinnati.
  • Forrer Boulevard: named for Samuel Forrer, who was a civil engineer and was instrumental in the building of the Miami-Erie Canal in Dayton.
  • Arnold Place: J. O. Arnold, a local Daytonian who kept a scrapbook detailing events in Dayton. The scrapbook is now owned by the Dayton Metro Library.
  • Artz Road: named for William Artz, a local furniture dealer.
  • Aullwood Road: named for John Aull’s Woods, which is now the Aullwood Garden MetroPark in Englewood.
  • Bierce Avenue: G. N. Bierce, who was co-founder of Stillwell & Bierce Manufacturing Company, which made heaters.
  • Carr Street – S. H. Carr, a local attorney and businessman.

Let us know if there’s any street names around Dayton you’ve always wondered about!

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