Dayton Unknown Spotlight: Bea

On July 12th, we hosted Dayton Unknown’s first (but not last) Scavenger Hunt, with one of the prizes being a feature in the blog. We are happy to announce the winner, Bea, in the category of “Most Literal.”


Bea’s submission for, “Funny Face or Pose with a Tree.”

Originally, Bea hails from Germany, but has lived in the States for many years. She now works as an Office Manager and is a mother of one.

I was born and raised in Germany. When I was 18, I married a GI and that’s how I landed here. Fast forward 27 years, we decided to go our separate ways, but remain friends. I like it here and for the time being I’m content with remaining in this area.

One conversation with her, and you can see that Bea is a very interesting person. When we asked her to give a few facts about herself, this is what she had to say:

  • As a child, I used get teased for my big nose: gonzo, beaker, witch, etc. I was super shy and had very little self-esteem. Right around age 16-17 I decided that people would have to like me for who I am on the inside, not my looks, etc. Naturally I had to learn to extend that same courtesy to anyone I meet. Thus, unless someone really rubs me the wrong way, everybody gets a fair chance and I have a very diverse circle of friends and acquaintances.

  • Coming to the U. S. and having to learn to do things of my own while my husband was deployed, eventually gave me the confidence to know that I can do just about anything I put my mind to.
  • These days I’m pretty outgoing and I’ll talk to just about anyone. I’m a lover, so look out for the hugs and smooches once I get to know you well enough!
  • I can touch my nose with my tongue, bet I couldn’t do that if it weren’t so defined. Take that haters! 😉
  • I have a rather strange and sometimes wicked sense of
    humor as you can see.


Bea’s submissions for, “E is for Eek!” and “Exploring New Heights.” Kudos for Bea for overcoming her fear of heights to get this great shot!

Bea also has many interests:

I’m a bit of a karaoke-holic. I like to hang out with friends or just chill at home in front of the boob tube or computer. When the weather is nice I try to do some hiking, just to incorporate a little exercise into my routine. I used to like to read, but these days that just puts me to sleep.

Here are a few more questions we asked Bea:

Dayton Unknown: How many languages do you speak?

Two of them fluently. My native German of course, though it has gotten a bit rusty and English, as you can see. I used to be able to say “I love you” in about ten different languages, but forgot most of them. I know how to count to ten, ask for bread and water and a few other things in Urdu, and I can say “see you later” in Swahili.

Dayton Unknown: What makes you unique?

Well…I thought about this and couldn’t quite come up with anything. I’ve always found it hard to self-evaluate… Therefore I decided to use a life line for this question and ask a friend. Here is what I got:”You always have a bright and positive outlook and never fail to try and lift others up.”

Dayton Unknown agrees!

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