Ay Caramba! Nancy Cartwright – the Voice of Kettering

If you talk to the right people in Kettering, they can tell you their personal accounts of knowing Nancy Cartwright, including my middle school history teacher, whose claim to fame was that the voice of Bart Simpson used to be his babysitter and Bethany’s drama teacher teaching Nancy in high school.


Seen in Old North Dayton

After graduating from Fairmont West in 1976, Nancy got her big start at WING radio (David Road in Kettering) doing imitations and voices for commercial spots. When a representative from Warner Brothers came to the station, Nancy knew this was her chance. She asked the woman about Mel Blanc, The Man of a Thousand Voices. The representative gave her a list of names, one of them including Dawson “Daws” Butler, voice of notable characters like Yogi Bear, Augie Doggie, and Quick Draw McGraw.

Daws became her mentor, sending her scripts that she would read and record, then send back to him for critique. Nancy left Ohio University to move to a school closer to Daws, ending up at UCLA.

After a brief stint voicing Gloria on Richie Rich, and a few lead roles in TV and feature films, Nancy was called in the audition for a new cartoon series that would be airing on The Tracey Ullman Show. Nancy was called in to audition for the voice of Lisa Simpson, but asked to audition for Bart instead. Nancy continues to be the voice of Bart Simpson, as well as Nelson, Ralph, Kearney, Todd and Rod, DataBase, and Maggie. She has also been voices on other cartoons, such as:

  • Rugrats (Chuckie)
  • Popeye & Son
  • My Little Pony
  • Snorks
  • Space Ace
  • Galaxy High
  • Kim Possible (Naked Mole Rat)
  • Pound Puppies

Nancy was also one of six to recieve the Emmy for Outstanding Voiceover Performance in 1992, which was the first year the award was presented. In addition, Nancy has done some acting as well. She played Andy’s fiancée on Cheers, as well as the lead role in the feature film Marian Rose White. When she isn’t busy with work, Nancy likes to give back to others, including a perpetual scholarship for Fairmont Firebirds who wants to study speech/debate, theatre, or music at Ohio University.

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