Carmen’s Deli – Support Local Business

Carmen’s Deli, located in Stratacache (Kettering) Tower is a place close to our hearts, as it was the location of our Sara’s first date with her husband. They have been hit pretty hard by Covid and the loss of approximately 5,200 people for the lunch crowd.Check out this video by Dan Edwards.

Jeff P. Schmitt, 1954-2018

For many years, Jeff Schmitt has been a local celebrity. Although we never met him in person, we did briefly meet his son Jay, who worked at Sam Goody at the mall in 2003. Through meeting Jay and living in the Dayton area, it felt as if we knew Jeff Schmitt in a small way.

Recently, Jeff Schmitt passed away (his obituary). While at lunch, he suffered a heart attack that eventually led to his passing. Jeff had suffered some health issues in recent years, including needing a new kidney, which he received from his son Jay.

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