The Night Run Starring Dion McElrath has premiered!

Last month, we told you about the new local late-night show The Night Run Starring Dion McElrath which would be premiering soon!

We are so excited to share that The Night Run Starring Dion McElrath has premiered and now has 3 episodes available for your viewing pleasure! Please make sure to check them out!

The Night Run starring Dion McElrath

Another Late Night show is coming to Dayton! The Night Run starring Dion McElrath will be premiering soon on DATV!

We had a chance to sit down with the host, Dion McElrath, to talk about the show. Born and raised in Dayton, Dion is a long-time lover of all things Late Night, and during our chat, he regaled us with many interesting trivia facts about all of the Late Night greats. And now with The Night Run starring Dion McElrath, Dion hopes to join those names with his vibrant young energy, and he wants us to know that he won’t be the run-of-the-mill Late Night host.

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Gem City Tonight with Andrew Mitakides

Dayton is getting late night! Premiering Saturday, February 9, at 8 pm, Gem City Tonight will highlight the positive aspects of Dayton and show what a great city we are in a Late Night Show format! The lineup for the first episode is:

Dayton Unknown was lucky enough to meet with Andrew and talk with him about his show and learn more about him. Andrew was born and raised in the Dayton area, and spent ten years outside of Dayton working in voice acting, Shakespearean theater, musicals, comedies, and as a Golf Pro. He returned to Dayton at the end of 2015, with his wife Alexis. Currently, Andrew is a firefighter, Suicide Awareness Activist, Voice-Over Actor, Emcee, Ghostbuster, and now we can add Late Night Talk Show Host!

Source: JGR Photography & Videography

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