The Night Run starring Dion McElrath

Another Late Night show is coming to Dayton! The Night Run starring Dion McElrath will be premiering soon on DATV!

We had a chance to sit down with the host, Dion McElrath, to talk about the show. Born and raised in Dayton, Dion is a long-time lover of all things Late Night, and during our chat, he regaled us with many interesting trivia facts about all of the Late Night greats. And now with The Night Run starring Dion McElrath, Dion hopes to join those names with his vibrant young energy, and he wants us to know that he won’t be the run-of-the-mill Late Night host.

The first episode of The Night Run starring Dion McElrath will focus on teachers, to thank them for their service and dedication, especially during the trials of the past year. Two of Dion’s former teachers will be the guests, along with the house band JAMR.

During our time with Dion, we learned a few fun facts about him.

  • Dion is a big fan of all things trolleys, trains, and ocean liners.
  • According to Dion, “I run off of dark roast, sunshine, and bad jokes.”
  • If Dion could interview anyone in the world, dead or a live, he would interview Frank Sinatra.
  • While discussing how 2020 has gone so far, Dion said, “2020 has been a Michael Bay film, directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Harrison Ford. We just have to see what Stephen King has to add.

When we asked Dion what to expect for the show, he said that it will be a “flea market of a circus.”

According to DATV’s website, “DATV can be seen exclusively on Spectrum channel 5 in the City of Dayton, Riverside and Butler Twp. and channels 5, 6, or 23 in Dayton’s northern suburbs.”

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