A Few Weeks Left for the DU Virtual Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Back in February, we announced our Virtual Photo Scavenger Hunt – a chance to get out on your own, socially-distancing, to take pictures using our prompts!

We had a few requests to extend the deadline for submissions, so in April we decided to extend the deadline all the way to the end of June!

Picture submissions can be funny, creative, literal, or any other way you can imagine! We look forward to seeing your submissions! You can follow all the prompts, or just choose a select few that inspire you! All you have to do is take pictures and submit the captioned photos to us at daytonunknown@hotmail.com by June 30th!

Upcoming Festivals 2021

Summer is here and life is slowly returning to normal. With this in mind, here are the statuses of some of the nearby festivals coming this summer:

On for Festivities:

    • Dayton Pride Parade & Festival – Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th in Downtown Dayton
    • Jewish Cultural Festival – Temple Israel with be hosting on June 11th as a drive-thru event
    • Lebanon Country Music Festival – Friday June 11th and Saturday June 12th on Main Street in Lebanon
    • Celtic Festival Ohio – June 19th, 11am-11pm at Renaissance Fairgrounds in Waynesville
    • Waynesville Street Faire – June 19th, July 17th, August 14th, and September 11th, Main Street in Waynesville
    • Lights in Flight Festival and Fireworks Show – July 4th, 5-10 pm at Riverscape

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The Night Run – One Year Later

On May 11th, 2020, the Dayton Late Night scene changed forever, when Dion McElrath announced his new show, The Night Run starring Dion McElrath.
We were so lucky to meet Dion and interview him back in August, and share his story. We later then appeared on an episode too!Dionva

Since its debut on DATV, Dion and his crew have put out so many fantastic episodes. Check them out on their YouTube channel to watch all of the past episodes!
We’re looking forward to many more episodes.

A World A’Fair 2021 is Postponed

After the 2020 A World A’Fair was postponed, and then cancelled, we were so disappointed. Unfortunately, it seems like that may be the case again. Originally scheduled for Friday May 21st through Sunday May 23rd, the festival has once again been postponed, and will potentially be rescheduled for the fall.

Please enjoy some pictures from past years of A World A’Fair.

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Dr. Dudley Keever

On a Ridgeville Ohio farm in 1859, Dudley Keever was born to Quaker parents. Dudley’s father Moses was a doctor serving Ridgeville and Springboro. Dudley attended a one-room schoolhouse, then Miami Valley Institute in Springboro, and then graduated the Miami Medical College in Cincinnati (later the University of Cincinnati) in 1884.

Now Dr. Keever, Dudley started his own practice in Springboro, and then met fellow Quaker Ida Wright, who he married. In 1890, the Keevers moved to Centerville and opened a practice on the northeast corner of Main Street and Franklin Street, where City Barbecue is presently.

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Clued Upp Dayton: The Dayton Ripper

Have you ever wanted to play detective? Now’s your chance! Clued Upp: The Dayton Ripper is coming to Dayton!

According to their website, “CluedUpp Detective Days are like giant, outdoor escape games. It’s where clue-solving meets adventure. It’s the most exciting murder-mystery you’ll ever attend.” One $51 ticket covers a team of 6 players in a self-guided murder mystery!

When: Saturday, May 22nd, 2021
Where: Dayton
What you’ll need: 2-6 players, one smartphone, a team name, and optional costume

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • fastest team
  • best detective-inspired fancy dress
  • best team picture
  • best team name
  • best under-16 young detective
  • best K-9

We’ve Extended the Deadline!

Hey All, we’ve gotten a few requests to extend the deadline for the Dayton Unknown Virtual Scavenger Hunt, so we’ve decided to extend the deadline for submissions until Wednesday, June 30th!

Picture submissions can be funny, creative, literal, or any other way you can imagine! We look forward to seeing your submissions! You can follow all the prompts, or just choose a select few that inspire you!

  • ______ is for ________
  • Work from Home
  • These are a few of my favorite things
  • Wash your hands
  • I love my selfie
  • Wear a mask!
  • Another perspective
  • Seeing red
  • Quarantine style
  • How I spend my day
  • Eat your heart out
  • Keep it Clean!
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • We are in this together
  • Social Distance

Dayton’s 225th Anniversary

“April 1, 1796. Landed at Dayton, after a passage of ten days, William Gahagan and myself having come with Thompson’s and McClure’s families in a large pirogue.”

– Benjamin Van Cleve, in his journal.

“The boat party was the first to arrive. Rounding the curve in the river, where for so many years since then it has been flowing under the Dayton View bridge, the pioneers perceived before their eyes the swift current of Mad River emptying itself into the main channel, just as it had been described, and saying to each other (so we may imagine), ‘Yes, this must be the place,’ they tied the pirogue to a tree at the head of St. Clair Street and led by Mrs. Thompson, all clambered ashore.

At that moment DAYTON came on the map!”

– Charlotte Reeve Conover, The Story of Dayton.

imageFounder’s Point at Riverscape. Underneath the canopy, there are some footprints in the concrete simulating the steps of the settlers. Also, there is an etching stating, “On April 1st, 1796, the first settlers of Dayton, led by Samuel Thompson, came ashore near this spot. The party included the first Daytonian, Benjamin Van Cleve. According to one account, the first person to set foot on shore was Catherine Van Cleve Thompson, great-great-grandmother of the Wright brothers.”