Some Interesting Street Names

  • Shoup Mill Road —Named for the mill on the Stillwater River
  • Claggett Drive, Neff Road, Ensley Avenue, and Drill Avenue – named for early settlers of Dayton
  • Bidleman Street — Short street named for Chas Bidleman, a Dayton dry goods merchant
  • Clay Street —named for Henry Clay, a former candidate for U.S. president

  • Dunbar, or Paul Laurence Dunbar Street —Named for Dayton’s famous poet and the son of former slaves; he published his first poems in the Dayton Herald in 1888
  • Colonel Glenn Highway —named for John Glenn, who was the first American to orbit the earth in a spacecraft, and also a former Ohio senator
  • Howell Avenue —named for Edward Howell, who was superintendent of the City Railway Company
  • Spiece Avenue — named after Fred Spiece, a Dayton city commissioner
  • Findlay Street, McPherson Street, Sheridan Avenue, and Sherman Street —all named for Civil War military leaders.

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