Magee Park

In real estate, a property’s value is all about location, location, location. Is that the case for supernatural and unexplained happenings in Bellbrook? Magee Park seems to be the location for many a supernatural haunt. Located in Ohio’s Sleepy Hollow, Magee Park boasts more spooky stories than can be told around a campfire in one night.

Some of the more popular ones are:

  • The Woman and Her Baby – As the story goes, a servant girl to the mayor had an affair with him and got pregnant. He kicked her out and she was forced onto the streets. She eventually killed herself and the baby, and she walks the creek, looking for her lost baby.
  • John Buckley – Buckley ran a sawmill along Possum Run Creek, now known as Little Sugar Creek. He was murdered one night and he walks the creek, looking for his money.
  • The Unicorn – Two teens hunting squirrels noticed a strange creature and went running home, describing it as a large pure white beast, with a flowing tail and a horn atop its head.
  • The Unnamed Miller – not to be confused with John Buckley, this unnamed miller was another man murdered for his riches along the bank of the creek. This man had a wheat and grain mill, came from Germany, and his throat was slit. His ghost appeared any time someone went to his property and dug for the gold he was reputed to have buried.
  • Bigfoot – Some Bigfoot sightings have been reported in the creek bed, making noises and growling.

Is Magee Park the Mecca of Supernatural Activity? Have a visit (during daylight hours) and let us know!

What do you think?

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