Adam Schantz, Jr.

Adam Schantz, Jr. was born December 16, 1867 on River Street in Dayton, Ohio. Son of Adam Schantz, Sr. and Salome Schantz, he joined his father in the meat-packing industry at the age of twelve. Later on, he became the bookkeeper for the brewery run by his father and uncle. Once he turned twenty-one, he controlled almost all of his father’s interests.


After Adam Sr. died, Adam Jr. became executor of the Schantz Estate. Adam Jr. was recognized as having made more changes to the Dayton skyline than anyone else. Ludlow Street was virtually rebuilt by him.

Schantz started out by merging 6 breweries (Adam Schantz Brewery, Schwind Brewery, Schantz & Schwind Brewery, Wehner Brewery, Stickle Brewery, and the N. Thomas Brewery) into a group known as the Dayton Breweries Company, and becoming its president. Under his control, the brewery expanded and was successful. “ The chief motive,” according to Schantz, was “to elevate and regulate the saloon business in the city so that it shall be better for the public, the saloonist, and the brewer. It is our intent to keep saloons out of sections of the city where they are not desired.

This act was intended to prevent prohibition from coming to Dayton. As the breweries were operating as before, but now combined into one company, they could control how things were run. If one saloon earned a bad reputation, they would cut off the alcohol supply to that saloon, thus ensuring they could control the rowdy behavior in the neighborhoods.

Schantz wanted to continue his father’s dream of development in the city. He soon purchased tracts of land just south of Dayton between 1908 and 1911. His land purchases were waylaid by the Flood of 1913. Schantz joined the relief committee and, along with John H. Patterson, made an appeal to raise two million dollars from (and for) the City of Dayton. He showed his faith in the fundraiser by donating $60,000 from his father’s estate, then an additional $60,000 of his own. This act spurred the city into action and the money was raised.

Afterward, Schantz purchased more land in what is now Moraine. He merged those properties with ones purchased by Edward A. Deeds and Charles F. Kettering and formed the Moraine Development Company. Dreams of an industrial city, a “Dreamland” were underway.

Throughout his life and career, Adam Schantz, Jr. had many achievements and contributions to the Dayton area, including:

  • Schantz Park
  • Schantz Estates
  • Waldruhe Park (German for Quiet Forest)
  • President of Ohio Brewers’ Association
  • Executor of Adam Schantz, Sr. Estate
  • President of the Buckeye Building & Loan Association
  • President of the Dayton Street Railway Company
  • President of the Gem City Reality Company
  • President of Mead Engine Company
  • President of Citizen’s Lighting (later became Dayton Power & Light)
  • President of Moraine Development Company
  • President of Edgemont Realty Company
  • Vice President of Citizens Relief Committee
  • Director of Reliable Insurance Company</li

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