Local Street Names – Part 4

Curious about the names of streets around Dayton? Here’s a few namesakes:

  • Eaker Street: Mary Belle Eaker, a local philanthropist who gave her home to the YMCA.
  • Gummer Avenue: named for Henry R. Gummer, a co-founder of the Gem City Stove Company.
  • Gunckel: named after Lewis B. Gunckel, a politician, congressman, and attorney.
  • Harries Street: J. W. Harries, a local brewer.
  • Hanna Street – Xenophon Hanna, who owned a cigar factory, and held the patent for the Vapor Stove and Heating Apparatus.
  • Klee Avenue: named for John Klee, who founded the Klee Bottling Company, which manufactured mineral water and soft drinks.
  • Lowes Street: Dr J. E. Lowes, physician
  • McCall – McCall Publishing
  • Odlin – Peter Odlin, part of one of his farms
  • Pruden & Sachs Streets – Named after David Pruden and Edward Sachs, of Sachs-Pruden Brewing Co.
  • Hodapp – Judge Null Hodapp

What do you think?

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