Urban Legend Series: Library Park


Library Park was once a cemetery in Miamisburg. Known as Village Cemetery, it set a record for the most ghost sightings in one location in Ohio. In the 1880s, people reported seeing a ghostly figure of a woman roaming the cemetery grounds. Day after day, more and more people from the town reported seeing the same thing. People from all over came to town to see this, gathering at 9 PM. She was seen on such a regular basis for so long that people would have been more surprised if they didn’t see her.

However, the residents of Miamisburg were not so pleased by this apparition. People became agitated at her nightly appearance, and started to disinter the graves, moving them to nearby Hill Grove Cemetery, in hopes that the haunting would end.

One by one, graves were moved down the road, with none of the moves resulting in an end to the sightings. Locals started to suspect this haunting was related to the Buss family, with some even claiming to recognize the apparition as the ghost of a Buss woman who was murdered a few years prior. Moving her grave did not help matters, as the sightings continued.

Residents were in an uproar. They wanted this activity to cease.

A newspaper article from the Frederick, Maryland Daily News on March 27, 1884 stated: “Last night several hundred people, armed with clubs and guns, assaulted the spectre, which appeared to be a woman in white. Clubs, bullets, and shot tore through the air in which the mystic figure floated without disconcerting in the least. The town turned out en masse today and began exhuming all the bodies in the cemetery.”

And exhume they did! After that night in 1884, all the remaining graves were uprooted and moved down the street to Hill Grove Cemetery, which opened in 1864.

Did this ghostly apparition actually appear? It’s not for me to say. But since the media coverage at the time reported these sightings as actuality, we can surely attest to the fact that people believed this was real. Sightings have continued for 100 years, the most recent reported in the 1980s.

Is there a ghost? We can’t say for sure, but strolling through this postcard-like park at 9 PM, we saw nothing out of the ordinary. Does she still haunt the spot? Or has she moved on?

Library Park is now home to Carnegie Library, which was built in 1910 with funds from Andrew Carnegie.

When the Miamisburg branch of the Dayton-Metro Library opened in 1981, Carnegie Library and the surrounding park became an activities center, which now hosts banquets and weddings.

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