Urban Legend Series: Carpenter Road

Carpenter Road is a small country side street located in Sugarcreek Township. Seemingly innocuous, this road has been host to many ghost hunters and daring teens over the years.


Legend has it, a murder took place in one of the houses many years ago. The father, a drinker, went “crazy” one night and used an axe to kill his entire family, including the family pets. On foggy nights, he is said to be seen walking the field near his former home, still carrying the axe. There is also a story of a “witch’s house” located on Carpenter Road as well. I have not heard much about this, just the firm assertion that it does, in fact, exist.

I have personally participated in pursuing this urban legend. Many nights, my friends and I spent hours driving down this road. We took turns terrifying each other, and daring the driver to turn the car off at the bend in the road to see if it would turn back on (with one exception, the car always turned on). The bend was once practically a 90° turn, but it no longer exists due to a new housing development.

In Haunted Ohio IV, there is an anecdote shared about two guys breaking into a home on the bend of Carpenter Road and placing a mannequin in the window facing the street, further perpetuating the creepy stories. Also mentioned in the book is that there are also sightings of a “ghost driver on a ghost tractor.”

100_0706wmLined with trees, the beginning of Carpenter Road (from Stutsman Road) always evokes a sense of foreboding.

The scariest thing I ever experienced on Carpenter Road was a truck with yellow headlights. To warn everyone that dares to cruise this road, there is a home owner who wishes to scare everyone that comes down the road. As a teenager, while driving with friends, a man in a truck started following us, with only his yellow parking lights on. He would tail us very closely, then back off, then come back up very close behind us. Based on his actions, I believe his intent was to run us off the road.

Did a murder take place on this road? Hard to say for sure, but without a doubt I have never truly seen anything haunted on this street, although that hasn’t stopped us from revisiting.

11 thoughts on “Urban Legend Series: Carpenter Road

  1. My daughter and her friend have went down this road! Her friend has been getting scratches on her arms from an unknown source. …
    Also my son’s girlfriend also received scratches on her back after a night of visiting this road.. we have photos to prove this.
    In addition my daughter has been pulled over 4 times after each visit of this road. Eerie I think. I’ve told her to get sage and light it and go to each room in her house to include her car and to sprinkle salt across her front door.

      • Hook man story is what I have heard ( the farm helper lost his hand in thrashing machine, farmer let him live in the barns. He was perverted and would look into the teens cars when they were parked but one night his hook got stuck on the window seal and the kids saw him and were scared so drove off fast and drug him to his death. Apparently he still haunts the road between the roadside 1828 farmhouse and the barns right across the street. Dare to visit the current owners roadside produce stand if you dare 😉 and the hanging man at the bend in the big tree that is no longer there…. the other story I have heard.
        Road was recently repaved in 2017 so looks a little less country. New housing development carpenter creek going in where white farmhouse was.
        Ryan homes visable also from little sugarcreek now… the road looks a little less country by the day sadly. ( thanks sugarcreek 😦

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  3. Yrp, we drove that dark road back in the 60’s. It was pitch black dark then. The only odd thing we discovered was all the owners names on the roadside mailboxes were the same . The name was Black. Spooky !

  4. What a flash from the past.I made a whole road course starting with Carpenter road.I drove that road literally hundreds of times in the late 60’s.All the legions were there and i loved to take a pretty girl there on a date.They were so scared i would get all kinds of cuddles on the way.I never stopped worrying when on that road.I will never be sure but i swear i heard the man on the horse one dark night.Didn’t see him but i will go to my grave believing i heard him.This was a great memory relived.Thx.

  5. I grew up on that street and never encountered any of these things. The Blacks owned much of the land on half of the street, farmed it, and raised cows for milk. There were generations of Blacks living on the street. They were nice people. Over the years we had heard many stories of Carpenter Road. I just remember what a great place it was to grow up.

  6. I lived on Carpenter Rd. from 1984 til 1999, I heard all the stories about it being haunted from when I was in High School. The Black families that lived there were GREAT people. Because of the early hours I worked , I would get up at midnight to get my 5 miles of running time in 4 nights a week, it was always very quiet and peaceful. When the NEW developments started moving in we moved farther south in sugarcreek twp.

  7. Ive seen a light in the street. Thought it was a phone falsh light, but it was moving way too fast and it went at least 10 feet high. It was bright too, not as bright as a headlight thou. I saw it when i began walking down the road, alone. It kept the same distance from me, as i was walking towards it, it kept moving. I turned around and started walking back and it started following me. I began running and got off the road. not sure what it was, never seen anything like it in my life.

  8. I remember this street. What a memory I have. What I was told was there was a little boy who was killed at a big red Barn and if you look hard enough at the outside corner of this barn, you could still see his blood. Also I was told that at the end of the road there was a devil worshipers house and if you got to close they would all come out to get you. At the time (1990’s) we all believed the stories and because of our own thoughts and fears, we truly thought is was all true. I was absolutely terrified of this road. A boyfriend I had then took me on it and made me believe everything. I was so scared that I ended up on the floorboard and in his lap.

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