Woodland Cemetery Series: The Boy and His Dog


Johnny Morehouse is perhaps one of the most famous graves in Woodland Cemetery. Johnny drowned in the mid 1800s, and there are many stories about his dog’s death.

One story is that Johnny’s dog jumped in the river and drowned trying to save him. The family was so moved by his loyalty to the boy that they had the grave marker sculpted of him and Johnny.

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Urban Legend Series: Library Park


Library Park was once a cemetery in Miamisburg. Known as Village Cemetery, it set a record for the most ghost sightings in one location in Ohio. In the 1880s, people reported seeing a ghostly figure of a woman roaming the cemetery grounds. Day after day, more and more people from the town reported seeing the same thing. People from all over came to town to see this, gathering at 9 PM. She was seen on such a regular basis for so long that people would have been more surprised if they didn’t see her.

However, the residents of Miamisburg were not so pleased by this apparition. People became agitated at her nightly appearance, and started to disinter the graves, moving them to nearby Hill Grove Cemetery, in hopes that the haunting would end.

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