Dayton Firsts Part 7

It’s time for some more interesting facts about the early days of Dayton!

  • First Masonic Lodge — The Masonic Lodge, and the first fraternal organization here, was St. John’s Lodge No. 13, the charter of which was granted by the state Grand Lodge at Chillicothe on January 10, 1812.
  • First Bank — The first banking institution in the city was known as the Dayton Manufacturing Company. It was incorporated by the legislature in 1813, and began business on December 13 of that year, in a building at the first alley south of Monument Avenue on Main Street.
  • First Stone Residence — About 1813, William Huffman built the first stone residence at Third and Jefferson. It served as both dwelling and store.
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Prominent Local Figures: Israel Ludlow

Although not very well known, Ludlow accomplished a lot in 39 years. Like Jonathan Dayton and James Wilkinson, Ludlow was from New Jersey, near Morristown.

Ludlow was a surveyor and town planner, helping to found Dayton, Cincinnati, and Hamilton, Ohio. Hamilton, Dayton, and Cincinnati all have a Ludlow street in his honor.

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