The Isaac Pollack House

In 1854, two Jewish immigrants named Isaac Pollack and Solomon Rauh began a business partnership dealing whiskey and wine in Dayton from a warehouse on West Third Street.

Eight years later in 1862, Pollack served as a corporal in the civilian Squirrel Hunters during the Civil War and was regarded as a hero after the Squirrel Hunters successfully defended Cincinnati from an attack by the Confederate army. At the end of the war, Pollack and his friend Rauh started to build two identical homes on West Third Street.

Twin Houses

Source: Dayton International Peace Museum Website

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Dayton International Peace Museum

Founded in 2004 by Ralph and Christine Dull, J. Frederick Arment, Lisa Wolters, and Steve Fryburg, the Dayton International Peace Museum was the second of its kind in the United States. The objective of the museum is to inspire peace from local communities to international communities.

The museum is located in the historic Isaac Pollack house, located at 208 West Monument Avenue, at the corner of Wilkinson Street and Monument Avenue.

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