Ida Weller

Ida Evaline Albrecht (later Albright) was born in 1876 to farmer parents. Her father’s farm was located on the western side of State Route 48, where Bethany Lutheran Village now stands.

In 1893, At the age of 17, Ida graduated from the Washington Township High School on West Franklin Street. The building still stands today, and until recently, was the Las Piramides Mexican restaurant. Two years later at the age of 19, Ida earned her teaching certificate from Ohio Northern College and from 1895-1897, Ida taught at Schoolhouse Number 8, which was located at McEwen Road and State Route 725.

In 1897, Ida married Arthur Weller, and they enjoyed farming their 130 acres on Clyo Road. The Wellers lived in a farmhouse built in 1840 by Samuel Wilson. In addition to farm life, Ida also painted China, practiced photography, drawing, and watercolor painting, raising prize chickens, gardening, and reading. In regards to her voracious reading, Ida said, “I like to study, study, study…I can never get enough of it.

Ida accomplished many things throughout her life:

  • Organized a Library Club in 1900
  • Wrote and acted in original plays at Township Hall
  • Wrote articles for Farm Bureau
  • Won an essay contest sponsored by the American Farm Bureau
  • Received a merit award from True Story Magazine
  • Awarded a Degree of Flora by the Ohio Grange
  • Organized a Community Garden Club in the 1930s
  • Organized a canning campaign during the Depression, and distributed the goods to those in need in the local communities
  • earned her Bachelor of Science in Education in 1932 from the University of Dayton at the age of 56
  • Established the Adult School in 1933
  • Organized the Centerville Women’s Chorus
  • During WWII, promoted Victory Gardens and supervised the setup of a real garden in the Rike’s windows

Arthur died in 1950, and Ida followed two years later, in 1952. Both are buried in David’s Cemetery. Ida Weller Elementary School is named for Ida to honor all of her accomplishments and contributions to education.

In 1998, the Wilson-Weller House was designated as a historical landmark in Centerville. In 2020, the current owners Ed and Susan were awarded with the 2020 Mayor’s Preservation Award for Excellence in Stewardship for their on-going preservation of the landmark. The Rosses are only the third family to reside in the home in the past 170 years.

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