More Interesting Street Names

  • Wagner Ford Road – Named after the Wagoners, who owned the land where the road forded (was shallow enough to be crossed by wading) the Miami River. Over time, the spelling changed from Wagoner to Wagner.
  • Benn Street – named for M.S. Benn, a real estate dealer.
  • Siebenthaler Avenue – named for the well-known nursery family.
  • Stop Eight Road – The Dayton and Troy Railway had sixteen stops throughout its route. The eighth stop was at Henneke Road, and later renamed Stop Eight Road.
  • Wroe Avenue – named after Al Wroe, a Dayton contractor.
  • Diamond Mill Road – Named for a mill at the southern end of the road.
  • Iroquois Avenue, Wyandot Street, Bannock Street, Blackfoot Street, and Cherokee Drive – named after Native American tribes.
  • Michigan Avenue – the road ran alongside the Dayton & Michigan railroad.
  • Harman Avenue – named for Gabriel Harman, an owner of the Gebhart Harman Bank.
  • Arnold Place – Named for J.O. Arnold, long-time resident, historian and one of the planners of the Dayton View neighborhood.

One thought on “More Interesting Street Names

  1. Stanley Ave. is named after Nathan M Stanley (my great-grandfather) whose Univis Lens company was located at Leo and McCook. May have been the first to open where McCook field had been. When a bridge was built for Helena St. a road was built from Helena to Leo for easier access to the Univis factory.

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