Edwin C. Moses

Lots of people let it go by and never accomplish what they want. I just wanted to see what I could do.” – Edwin C. Moses

Edwin Corley Moses was born in 1955 in Dayton, Ohio. As the son of two educators, Edwin took academics seriously. In addition to being an excellent student, he was also a gifted athlete.

During high school, Edwin participated briefly in basketball and football, but soon turned to Track and Field. Edwin accepted an academic scholarship to Morehouse College, majoring in Physics and Industrial Engineering. Morehouse College did not have its own track, so Edwin practiced on nearby high school tracks. He competed mostly in 120-yard hurdles and the 440-yard dash. Edwin attributed his success at running to applying his knowledge of the mechanics of running and lots of stretching. He had a trademark technique, taking a consistent 13 steps between each hurdle instead of the usual 14, causing him to get ahead in the 2nd half of the race as his competitors changed their strides.

In his career, Edwin enjoyed MANY achievements, including:

  • Setting 4 world records
  • Winning Gold medals in the 1976 and 1984 Olympics
  • Received a Congressional Gold Medal due to the US boycott preventing him from competing at Moscow
  • 1980 Track & Field News Athlete of the Year
  • In 1984, Dayton renamed Miami Boulevard West and Sunrise Avenue “Edwin C. Moses Boulevard”
  • Shared Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year with Mary Lou Retton in 1984
  • In 1999, ranked #47 on ESPN’s SportCentury 60 Greatest Athletes
  • Won 3 World Cup Titles
  • Helped develop one of the most stringent random in-competition drug testing programs for track
  • Elected the first Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy
  • Bronze Medal in 1988 Olympics
  • After retiring from Track – earned a Bronze Medal in a World Cup bobsledding race in 1990
  • 1994 – Inducted in the U.S. Track and Field Hall of Fame

In his personal life, Edwin is a humanitarian, advocated for peace, and a vegetarian. His one son, Julian, was born in 1995 in Southern California. He was married to Michelle Moses in February of 2007. He is also a scuba diver and a licensed private pilot of a single-engine aircraft.

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