Exercise Dayton – David’s Cemetery

David’s Cemetery grounds are open every day, 24 hours a day for walking or visiting.

View historical monuments and beautiful scenery while getting a long walk. Don’t miss Old Glory Plaza, which was built in 2015 to memorialize members of the community, public servants, and military. Five 8-foot granite tablets pay tribute to each branch of the military.

The Route: Approximately 1 Mile


A few famous graves to see:

  • Rose E. Miller – first woman principal in Kettering (1920) and one of the first women principals in Ohio, died 2/16/1967.
  • Myron E. Scott – founder of the Soap Box Derby and responsible for naming the Chevrolet Corvette, died 10/4/1998.
  • John P. Kalaman – Centerville police officer killed in the line of duty, died 1/12/1998.
  • Robert M. Hedges – the first Washington Twp. Firefighter killed in the line of duty, died 11/16/1955.
  • Charles H. Huber – founder/builder of Huber Heights, OH, died 5/29/2003.
  • Dwight L. Barnes – former Superintendent of Kettering Schools, died 2/2/1977.
  • Henry Seeler – developer of Oxygen Mask for pilots, died 7/7/1966.
  • John Shryock – first Police Chief of Kettering, died 5/4/1978.
  • Donald Tiller – inventor of InstaWhip Whipping Cream, died 7/29/1984.
  • Hans von Ohain – inventor of the jet engine, died 3/13/1998.
  • Arthur Corre – only Kettering firefighter to lose life in line of duty, died 12/25/1974.

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