Dayton Firsts Part 9

Happy New Year, Dayton! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Now it’s time to get back into the grind! As it’s the first Friday of the month, we have some more Dayton firsts for you!

    • First Stage Line – the route for stage coaches between Dayton and Cincinnati was started in 1818, by a Mr. Lyon.
    • First Sewing Machine – Brought to Dayton by an S. N. Shear, on October 11, 1851.
    • First Lion – The first lion to be exhibited in Dayton was shown on April 22nd, 1819 in the barnyard at Reid’s Inn, which later became the site of Loew’s theater (at 125 North Main Street). The first elephant ever seen here was shown at the same place on April 11, 1820.

    • First Fire Department – Organized on June 21, 1820, following the burning of Daniel Cooper’s mills.
    • First Baptist Church – Organized in 1824. The first house of worship was erected on the west side of Main Street, between Monument Avenue and First Street. The second building was erected on part of the property later occupied by Loew’s theater.
    • First Hanging – John McAfee, who was hanged on March 28, 1825 in the woods at the edge of the city. McAfee was convicted of the murder of his wife.
    • First Real Estate Agent – George Houston. The papers carried opening announcements for his business in 1825.
    • First Fire Insurance Agent – James Perrine. He opened his office in June of 1826.
    • First Building Association – The first Building Association was organized under the state charter in 1867 and was known as “Dayton Building Association No. 1.” It was the forerunner of the city’s present group of building and loan associations.
    • First Electric Car – The first electric car was operated by the “White Line” (People’s Railway) in 1887 at which time the end of the line on the north was at the intersection of Forest Avenue and Main Street

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