The Story of Mary Knight

There was no question about it – Mary Knight and her mother, Catherine Hark, argued constantly. There was a long history; Mary had shown a lifelong disrespect toward her mother. Mary was the type of lady who liked to stay out with “questionable companions” in bad parts of the city.

Marriage did not settle the spirit of Mary Knight. Drinking caused much strife in her marriage and after a particularly ugly argument with Mr. Knight, Mary moved in with her mother.

The arguments that ensued brought neighbors from their homes, attempting to calm the ladies and bring peace back to their street. On the morning of May 10, 1895, the screaming became so loud that neighbors considered calling the police. Once the shouting stopped, neighbors saw Mary stagger out of the house, obviously drunk.

As this behavior was typical, they went about their daily business, ignorant of the events to come.

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Bess Little

By all accounts, Bessie Little lived a life full of ups and downs. Born as Tressie Doty and orphaned, she was adopted at the age of two by Peter and Elizabeth Little from the Miami County Infirmary in Troy.

She was known to be a sweet girl, studious and kind. She was a regular at her church, and a beauty to everyone who knew her, including Albert Franz.

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