Glen Helen: Inman Trail

While there are SO many great things to see in Yellow Springs, we are focusing on a few of the better known places along the Inman Trailtrail map at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. Inman Trail is a 1.1 mile hike, commonly hiked by couples, families, photographers, and their four-footed friends.

Pompey’s Pillar
A natural rock formation created from glaciers freezing and thawing, this large pile of rocks split from the cliff above and made its way slowly down to where it is now. Although some people have marred it with graffiti (seriously, people?) this formation is an awesome sight along the trail.


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The Yellow Spring

What exactly causes the Yellow Spring to be yellow? In a nutshell, iron.

A spring is defined as water overflowing from an aquifer. In this particular spring, the water underground is clear, but turns yellow when it hits the air. The iron in the water becomes rust when exposed to air, and turns into the well-known yellowish orange color that gave Yellow Springs its name. Experts theorize the water may run through an iron deposit underground (called a vugg) or the geology of the area could just contain excess iron.

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