Street Art becomes a Legacy


Back in September 2016, Bethany made a seemingly random decision to take a different route home from work. During that trip, she happened to spot an artist working on a mural on the side of Keowee Street. She turned around and pulled over, and had the pleasure of meeting the artist, Nick Edwards, and he let her take this picture and feature it on Dayton Unknown’s Instagram. We didn’t really know him, but we loved seeing his artwork around town.

Rest in Peace, Nick, and our condolences to all who loved you.


Dayton Sideshow 12

Dayton Sideshow 12 is coming up! Dayton Sideshow is a two-day community arts festival.

Come out and see a variety of artwork, such as installations, paintings, sculptures, etc., from more than 50 local artists while more than 50 musical acts play. Admission is free, but donations with be accepted to support the event.

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