“Due to recent events, we must cancel…..”

Are you tired of hearing this? We are! Things have been tough the past several months and there are many events, festivals, and parties being cancelled this year in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Among the many were Sideshow, Yellow Springs Street Fair, Crafty-Con, Renaissance Festival, and too many more to name. It’s frustrating to sit inside all day every day or to wear a mask everywhere you go. So what can you do?

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Dayton Flu Epidemic of 1918

With the current events of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), did you know that Dayton has been through a similar scare before? The Flu Epidemic of 1918 was the Spanish Influenza, aka the “Grip,” which ran rampant among Daytonians. Despite many warnings (almost daily) about the spread of the flu, and tips to stay healthy, more and more Daytonians were getting sick.

20140624_150642Dayton Daily News article from September 23, 1918

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