Fairmont Firebird Symbol

Most Kettering residents have a connection to Kettering Fairmont, whether it’s because they attended or they have children who do/did. For those they can easily remember the blue and white school colors and the beloved mascot, the firebird. For some residents, they can even remember Fairmont East and Fairmont West.

Fairmont was originally opened in September 1906 on Dorothy Lane just west of Far Hills. As the population of Van Buren Township grew, the four-room schoolhouse was quickly becoming too small. A replacement building just east of the original building became the temporary high school until the new building on Far Hills at Storms Avenue (where Van Buren Middle School is now) opened in 1929. The school colors were purple and white, and the mascot was a Dragon.

In 1954, The Village of Kettering – which occupied most of Van Buren Township – became the City of Kettering. As the fast-growing population of Kettering continued to push against the maximum capacity of Fairmont’s walls, another building was secured on a large lot of land between Shroyer and Far Hills, where Fairmont is located today.

The seven-building structure would accommodate the students for several years before population increase created the need for another building in the East side of Kettering. Fairmont East was located on Glengarry Drive (which is now Kettering Middle School) and adopted the Falcon as their mascot, with Carolina Blue and Red as their school colors. After twenty years, Fairmont East was converted to Kettering Junior High.

The merging of Fairmont East and Fairmont West created today’s version of Fairmont’s colors and mascot. The new colors became Blue, White, and Silver. The mascot was drawn in such a way to combine the flight of the Falcon and the fire of the Dragon.

Fairmont LogoSource

When you look at the logo upright, it resembles a falcon. If you look at it upside down, it resembles a dragon!

Firebird Logo

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