Just Another Saturday by Matt Penny

Released today, Matt Penny’s third album is his best one yet! Although his title is Just Another Saturday, this is not just another album! Support our local music scene and check him out! You can find his music on Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc..

In Matt’s words:

JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY was sort of a unique project for me. On my first two ventures, REALIGN and THE SECOND STORY REVIVAL, I would just write songs, and if I thought they were good enough, I put them on the record. It didn’t matter what style/genre they were.

With Just Another Saturday, I thought it would be cool to have a theme. I’ve been listening to a lot of music from bands like All Time Low, New Found Glory, and Good Charlotte. I really love the melody those types of bands use to create songs that get stuck in your head. They aren’t necessarily challenging songs to play from a musician perspective, but they are catchy, and that resonates with people.

There’s also a feeling of nostalgia when I listen to those bands. A lot of that stuff came out in my high school/early college years so those songs all take me back to the days when things seemed a lot simpler. Actually, a huge inspiration for this record, believe it or not, was Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Those games had the most awesome soundtracks back in the day. I guess this was my attempt at trying to write something that could have potentially been on one of those games back in the day. In fact, I stole the title “Just Another Saturday” from the song “May 16th”, from a band called Lagwagon. That song was on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.

This was also the first project I’ve ever done where I did the album artwork. Normally, I leave that to way more talented people than I. The cover is a photo I had taken one weekend in Chicago. Since these songs made me feel nostalgic, I wanted the artwork to reflect that. That’s why I went with the Polaroid look. I thought it went great with the vibe of the record. This whole project came together really fast.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic going on, there was absolutely nothing to do. With all the free time in the world, I just started cranking out these songs, one after the other. I did have some other songs that didn’t make this record, because they didn’t fit. I could have put this out with 7-8 songs on it, but I think the 5 on here are so good, that quality was more important than quantity. These songs came together so effortlessly. I rarely struggled to make the pieces fit. After about 6 weeks, it was done. I have always found that my best work has been the stuff that comes together naturally, almost like the songs writing themselves. I guess with that logic, Just Another Saturday would have to be my best collection of songs to date.

What do you think?

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