Just Another Saturday by Matt Penny

Released today, Matt Penny’s third album is his best one yet! Although his title is Just Another Saturday, this is not just another album! Support our local music scene and check him out! You can find his music on Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc..

In Matt’s words:

JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY was sort of a unique project for me. On my first two ventures, REALIGN and THE SECOND STORY REVIVAL, I would just write songs, and if I thought they were good enough, I put them on the record. It didn’t matter what style/genre they were.

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Matt Penny – The Second Story Revival

While we were busy back in January restarting our year and focusing on New Year resolutions, Matt Penny was also busy, releasing his second instrumental album, The Second Story Revival. We caught up with Matt and asked him for a description of his second album:

The Second Story Revival

After people responded so kindly to my first EP, REALIGN, I was so hyped that I pretty quickly started working on the follow up – which would become “The Second Story Revival”.

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