This Day in History – June 24th, 1955

Happy 65th Birthday, Kettering!

On June 24, 1955, an official proclamation from the Ohio Secretary of State elevated the Village of Kettering to an official city.

A few facts about Kettering:

  • Kettering has two sister cities: Steyr, Austria and Kettering, England.
  • Kettering was named after Charles Fitzgerald Kettering, a resident of the community and prominent inventor and innovator.
  • According to the 2010 census, Kettering has 56,163 residents.
  • Kettering has 250 miles of streets.
  • A special census taken in 1955 counted the population at 38,118, which qualified the Village to be a city.
  • Kettering is the hometown of Dayton Unknown’s founder and author, Sara Kaushal, and Media Manager Bethany Kmeid.

Famous Kettering residents:

  • Rob Dyrdek
  • Nancy Cartwright – Voice of Bart Simpson
  • Malik Zaire – Quarterback at Notre Dame
  • Sherri Saum – Daytime Emmy – nominated actress
  • Chris Borland – former NFL linebacker – San Francisco 49ers and Wisconsin Badgers
  • A.J. Hawk (born in Kettering, grew up in Centerville) – Former linebacker for Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Atlanta Falcons.
  • Jim Paxson – Former NBA player and former general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • John Paxson -Former NBA player and current executive VP of basketball operations for the Chicago Bulls, younger brother of Jim Paxson

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