All-Day Kindergarten in Kettering

This fall will start the first year of all-day Kindergarten for Kettering Schools. Voters approved the school levy by a ratio of 55 to 45.

The levy will also enhance other areas of the Kettering School system, such as:

  • Security Cameras and Door Barricades
  • Background Checks for Volunteers
  • More Mental Health Services
  • Additional School Resource Officers
  • Expanded Career Readiness Expansion

Plans are underway to hire additional teachers and accommodate more students at one time. Instead of two classes every year, Kindergarten teachers will have one, taking their number of students from about 40 to about 20. This decrease will allow teachers to give more personal attention to each student and enrich their learning.

Curriculum will be reviewed to see how it can be applied to an all-day setting. Officials say it will likely be enriched to help the transition for Kindergarteners from preschool to elementary school.

The financial cost to Kettering taxpayers will cost the owner of a $100k home roughly an additional $209 a year, or a little over $17 a month.

What do you think?

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