Words cannot truly express the sadness and anger we are all feeling after the events of August 4th, 2019. Here at Dayton Unknown we would like to do our part in paying tribute to the nine victims who lost their lives.

  • Saheed Saleh, age 38

    Saheed Saleh
    A refugee from Eritrea, Saheed was a kindhearted and hard-working family man, working as a forklift operator at DHL, often 7 days a week. Although he didn’t go out much, he decided to go out for a few beers with a friend that night. Saheed is survived by his wife and their five year old daughter.

  • Megan Betts, age 22

    Megan Betts
    Megan was studying environmental science at Wright State and sang in the university chorus. She planned to graduate in 2020. Friends of Megan described her as strange, but in a good way.

  • Thomas “Teejay” McNichols, age 25

    Teejay McNichols

    Teejay was a trained forklift driver preparing to become an HVAC technician. He loved to spend time with his family, including playing Fortnite with his children and nephews. Teejay was described as a great father, great brother, and a protector. He leaves behind four children.

  • Logan Turner, age 30

    Logan Turner
    Logan was out with friends, celebrating his recent 30th birthday. Logan was working as a bartender when he met Greg Donson, President of Thaler Machine Co. After getting to know Logan, Donson knew he had to hire him to work at his company. “He was a perfect fit, and we hired him, and he just did very well.” Logan was also described by his mother as “sweet and smart.”

  • Derrick Fudge, age 57

    Derrick Fudge

    Derrick was out with his son Dion and Dion’s fiancée Donita in the Oregon district that night. The gunfire started as they were leaving a club to walk outside to get some food. Dion believes his father saved his life, protecting him from gunfire. Derrick was always smiling and loved by many. He leaves behind his son and many other family members.

  • Lois “Lola” Oglesby, age 27

    Lois Oglesby
    Lois was a mother of two girls and attending nursing school. She had just returned from maternity leave to her job at a daycare. She was looking forward to having a career that would make the most of her love of children. Lola called her children’s father to let him know she was shot and told him she loved him, according to his Facebook.

  • Monica Brickhouse, age 39

    Monica Brickhouse

    Monica was in the Oregon district with her friend Beatrice Warren Curtis, who was also killed in the tragedy. Monica and Beatrice met in Virgina Beach, where they worked together at Anthem. Monica had recently moved back to Dayton to work from home. Monica leaves behind a husband, one child and two stepchildren. She is remembered as a great friend, mother, and helper.

  • Beatrice “Nicole” Warren-Curtis, age 36

    Beatrice Warren-Curtis

    Beatrice traveled to Dayton from Virginia Beach to visit her friend and coworker Monica Brickhouse, who was also killed in the tragedy. Both ladies worked for Anthem and had become close friends. She was described by her niece as a “beautiful, free-spirited soul.” Friends describe her as a fun, generous, caring, and selfless woman.

  • Nicholas Cumer, age 25

    Nicholas Cumer
    Nicholas was studying at the University of Pennsylvania, and was in Dayton for an internship at the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance. Nicholas was recognized at the 2019 Community Engagement Awards among students who has completed 100+ hours of service. Karen Wonders, owner of Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, described Nicholas as “the support system cancer patients need.”

Our friends at Mix 107.7 also put together a beautiful tribute. Please take the time to listen.

God Only Knows – Oregon District Tribute

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