A Reputation in Jeopardy

It was a question that any Daytonian would recognize.


What is Kitty Hawk?” Contestant Emily answered (HOW DARE YOU)

Contestant Brandey followed up with, “What is Columbus?

Contestant Ryan, joining in on the carnage, jumped in with a, “What is Akron?

Naturally, Mr. Trebek informed all contests that they were incorrect, then stopped to seemingly say a bit of a prayer before continuing on with the show (watch the video here).

Dayton Unknown Agrees.

Sadly, this is not the first time a contestant has fouled up regarding a Dayton clue on the show. In 2015, contestant Johnny Saunders from Dallas Texas incorrectly identified Kitty Hawk for the question:

The National Aviation Hall of Fame was founded in 1962 in this city, the ‘Birthplace of Aviation.’

This question was under the Aviation category in the Daily Double round. Saunders was in the lead with $5000, but lost $1000 on this incorrect answer.

Perhaps if the contestants had only followed Dayton Unknown…

What do you think?

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