Exercise Dayton – Link Bikes

If you’ve been in the downtown Dayton, no doubt you’ve seen the bright green Link Bikes in action.


Riders can access the bikes at any of twenty-four stations throughout the downtown area. Bikes are available for one time users, and memberships are also available. Trips are available for 30 minutes at a time, and if a rider wants to use the bike longer, they can either check the bike back in then check it out again, or they can keep the bike past 30 minutes and pay an additional fee.

Cycling is a positive way to exercise with lower impact to joints. Cycling is a good way to burn fat, improve cardiovascular health, and to overall feel better. A brief ride can add up in distance too. One mile on a bike feels like far less work than one mile walking.

For an extra challenge, sign up for the Tour de Link, which runs from July 1 to July 23. Sign up here. Here are the prizes:

  • Rider who spends most time on the bikes: Yellow Link T-shirt
  • Rider who makes the most trips on the bikes: Green Link T-shirt
  • Rider who ends the most trips at the Grafton Hill Station: Polka Dot Link T-shirt

More prizes may come as the contest continues. Check out their Facebook Page for more information!

One of our favorite stations is at Riverscape Metropark:


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