Dayton Firsts Part 5

First Newspaper – First regularly published newspaper was “The Repertory,” published by William McClure and George Smith, the initial issue appearing on Friday, September 18, 1808.

First Political Convention – Held on September 6, 1809.

First Drug Store – It was opened in 1809 by Dr. Wood in Reid’s Inn, then occupying a part of the present site of Loew’s theater.

First “Fourth” Celebration – Dayton’s first public celebration of the Fourth of July, with a parade and speeches, was held in 1809.

First Sidewalk – The first sidewalk, consisting of flat stones, was laid in 1810 along Monument Avenue (then Water Street), east of Main Street.

First Hospital – The first hospital was a military institution, of frame construction, on a part of the courthouse lot. Erected in 1812, it sheltered many soldiers wounded in the war of that year. Dr. John Steele had charge of the hospital.

First Passenger Balloon – First gas-inflated balloon to carry passengers left “Buck Island” at the head of St. Clair Street at 10 in the morning on June 29, 1909. Landed 5 p. m. four miles east of North Vernon, Ind. H. H. Bumbaugh, pilot; passengers, P. M. Crume, E. G. Carley, B. H. Wendler, Luzerne Custer, Howard Burba, G. A. McClelland.

First YMCA Organization – On March 2, 1870, a branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association was organized with R. W. Steele, E. M. Wood, G. G. Prugh, J. E. Gilbert, C. G. Parker, J. H. Winters, Joseph Gebhart, J. C. Keifaber, J. Harry Thomas, H. E. Parrott, E. T. Sweet, T. O. Lowe, W. K. Eckert, Eugene Wuichet, J. A. Shank, and G. W. Hoglen as trustees.

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